Business Opportunity in Saskatchewan

I am lacking in the whole social media thing so this website and personal contact are limiting me.  I had brought in a marketing firm, in the hopes of freeing me up so I could do more of the orchard work and oversee all production and distribution.  However, I have been disappointed with the smooth talking sales people that line their pockets with my cash, with poor results.

I am looking for A Buyer Whether you are:

  •     tired of living a life where someone else controls your time, energy and wage,
  •     a young family with the desire to work off the land,
  •     a couple interested in the horticultural field who have skills in marketing and social media,
  •     or someone looking to start a new chapter of life,

Santa Fe Food Company might be the perfect match for you.

Santa Fe Food Company’s SOUR CHERRY ORCHARD is located at 306 Franklin St. Shackleton, SK.  An easy place to social distance.

It allows a quiet rural life, jobs, income and an ideal lifestyle all in one place.

This beautiful property has approximately 3700 Carmine Jewel sour cherry trees in the orchard that takes up about 11 acres of the 16 acres that are fenced in by an 8 ft. game fence.    A 24 x 48 ft. building houses the stainless steel cooling tanks, commercial pitter, and 9x10x28 ft. walk in freezer to handle post-harvest activities.   In addition, it has a Processing plant, office & lunchroom and warehouse with loading docks.

The rest of the 44 acres is in native and tame grass with lots of room for expansion.  It will be yours to make your own.

The orchard work starts the first part of April with pruning and continues through to the end of August when harvest is over and the cherries are in the freezer.  With proper handling and storage, these beautiful cherries will hold their properties for 2 or 3 years.

The processing is done on site as needed throughout the year.  This orchard is capable of producing enough cherries in a year to make 75,000 bottles of sauce.   That would be a very healthy living, depending on your marketing skills.

As far as expansion, there are about 25 acres untouched that could grow almost anything.

I am available to train & or support you as you would need.

Serious inquiries only PLEASE.