At present I produce 4 products, three being unique sauces, the other product is a sour cherry juice.

The Cherry Juice is made using the cold press method, heating the juice to pasteurization point then bottling and sealing it immediately.  Since jams and jellies were the normal route, my thought was to develop a condiment type sauce that was versatile and unique.

Of the three sauces I developed, the Rib N Wing was the first recipe. I did not do anything with it until I had a second sauce that suited my vision. The first production run was Sept. 13th & 14th 2011. The two products were the Rib N Wing sauce and another that I called Chertney. I thought my product was a chutney but since regulations say chutney needs to have salt, I had to rename it.  My choice was Chertney (cherry – chutney) so here it is, a salt free chutney type sauce.

In May of 2013 I added a third sauce and again due to regulations I could not call it relish so now the world has a chelish (cherry – relish).  The regulations allowed me to use a great play on words that seems to be recognized and remembered by all that have tried.  All products have nutritional facts and bar codes that are registered with GS1 for sale anywhere.

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